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4 Peaks - Browns to Peak 2, AZ
mini location map2013-05-01
17 by photographer avatarvanman
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4 Peaks - Browns to Peak 2, AZ 
4 Peaks - Browns to Peak 2, AZ
Hiking avatar May 01 2013
Hiking6.78 Miles 2,957 AEG
Hiking6.78 Miles
2,957 ft AEG19 LBS Pack
 no routes
1st trip
Partners none no partners
After some debate Mike and I decided to make the drive and hit Brown's Peak. Although Mike had been up several times before, it was my first chance to experience the infamous chute! It is intimidating on the approach but going up isn't too bad. Coming down is the real eye-opener!

The plan was to hit Brown's then scout over to peak 2 and that is exactly what we did. There were fun scrambling spots and a few intense climbing spots along the way. When we got up near peak 2, I stopped while Mike finished the summit. We then went back down and up to Brown's again. We had to stop along the way and look back at the climbs we had just completed. Pretty cool!

Back up on Brown's we suddenly heard a jet, which turned out to be a military fighter jet. It flew up towards the peaks, inverted over the top, rolled and dove back down to the valley where he re-joined another jet, and they were gone! Awesome!!

Going back down the chute after a tiring hike is pretty intense. Like some other spots we encountered, the exposure is extreme. One little slip could mean big trouble. This was by far the most exposure-filled hike I have ever done, but we took our time, played it safe and had a blast checking it out!

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