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Thompson Mesa and Ruin Site, AZ
mini location map2015-05-09
29 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Thompson Mesa and Ruin Site, AZ 
Thompson Mesa and Ruin Site, AZ
Hiking avatar May 09 2015
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While planning our camping weekend using Route Manager on satellite view I noticed what appeared to be a reasonably large ruin site on the small peak just south of Thompson Mesa. And since Thompson Mesa was one of my peaks to bag I figured why not take in both at the same time.

Rather than take the 60 east to Globe, 188 to 288 to A-Cross Road and up FR 97, we decided to take the slightly shorter route up 87 to 188 to A-Cross to FR 895 all the way to Boyer Cabin. Being good on time, we decided to hit the ruin site and Thompson Mesa first, then set up camp near Boyer Cabin. This worked out quite well as even with our hike to the ruins and Thompson Meas we still reached Boyer Cabin in just well under 4 hours. This left plenty of time to hit the Boyer Trail after setting up camp. (See the Boyer Trail photoset/triplog)

Although one is able to drive almost right up to the ruin site, we stopped to take the last part on foot. We were very surprised by how extensive the ruin site was as well as how relatively intact it was when taking into account how easy the access is.

The first wall we encountered as we approached appeared to have been rebuilt somewhat haphazardly so we figured that had been done relatively recently. But almost everything else appeared to be from the original construction hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately no matter how thoroughly eagle-eye Tracey scanned the area she found not even one small shard of pottery.
With me taking photos while Tracey scanned for artifacts it wasn't long before we were ready to hit up Thompson Mesa. Another short drive along the ridge and we were back on foot for the climb to the summit. While it not not so much a climb as a walk up a gentle incline, Tracey was NOT at all happy with the fox-tails. A few hundred yards and it's unbearable so it took a few stops to clean out the socks and mesh of the Merrells.
Yup, that's the reason I no longer wear low-cut shoes/boots with a mesh while hiking...

Whatever, it was a short trip to the summit and we spent very little time there with me taking photos and video while Tracey scanned for the possibility of another ruins site. Nothing doing on that front.

One last quick scan of the surrounding area to further solidify our plans for the rest of the weekend and we were on the drive to Boyer Cabin.

One video:
Thompson Mesa summit panorama
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