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Salt River Peak Quad Double, AZ
mini location map2015-04-17
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Salt River Peak Quad Double, AZ 
Salt River Peak Quad Double, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 17 2015
Hiking7.00 Miles 2,785 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles   5 Hrs   20 Mns   1.38 mph
2,785 ft AEG      15 Mns Break25 LBS Pack
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Although it this was actually two hikes to bag two separate peaks, I lumped them together on my own web-site so figured I'd do the same here. Besides, it was less than .5 mile between my two chosen trailheads.

First up was Peak 4618. Three weeks ago I had attempted to tag this one on the tail end of my hike to Peak 4468 but from the information gained on that hike it made this one a bit easier. I chose the high-road following a route along somewhat of a ridge. It had its share of ups and downs along with one last long drop to a wash before the final ascent.

While on a steep part on the long descent I was practically attacked by a very aggressive and loud hissing Gila Monster.
To say the least, it was quite a surprise as usually they high-tail it away whenever I tried to get a photo or video. Eventually it calmed down enough for both photos and video before it slithered into a burrow in the side of the slope. It was only when I got home that I realized it may have been aggressively protecting either eggs or offspring in the burrow. I didn't even think to peer into the burrow.
Oh well, I continued my journey to the bottom of the wash, crashed through a thicket of cat's-claw and began the last ascent. Because on the map it appeared easier I had traced a route up the summit slope directly, but once there I chose the steeper but less brush-intensive route.

Approaching what I knew to be the false summit I saw a stick in a large rock cairn so went ahead to check it out. Finding nothing else of note, I continued on to the summit. The usual photos and video at the summit and I began the return leg.

This time I chose to follow the wash until I reached as far as I had three weeks ago, then veer off to cover new ground. This worked out way better than expected as I had plenty of game trails and cow paths to follow. Unfortunately, while hoping to run across something of real interest by traveling a different route, I was left with nothing but an enjoyable hike.

Back to the Cherokee I drove a half-mile to the start of my second and last peak for the day, Peak 4472. Although it was equidistant from either AZ 188 or my trailhead, I chose the southern approach for a couple reasons, I wouldn't be parking along the highway and I'd have less thick vegetation to deal with.

As opposed to the first hike, although every bit as steep for the final ascent, this one was over and done with in short order.

So out of thirteen 300' prominence peaks in the Salt River Peak Quadrangle I have but two to go. Peak 3410, a VERY short but VERY steep climb and Klondyke Mountain, which I need more recon before deciding on the best approach. I'm leaning toward another shorter/steeper route.

Three videos:
An aggressive Gila Monster and its burrow
Peak 4618 Summit panorama
Peak 4472 Summit panorama
Gila Monster
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