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Ruaha National Park - Tanzania, WW
mini location map2015-07-26
28 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Ruaha National Park - Tanzania, WW 
Ruaha National Park - Tanzania, WW
4x4 Trip avatar Jul 26 2015
4x4 Trip97.60 Miles 5,713 AEG
4x4 Trip97.60 Miles   6 Hrs   3 Mns   16.13 mph
5,713 ft AEG
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Day two of our safari to Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.

Tracey slept well in our banda while I spent the night next to the open window, listening as all the various wild animals passed by. Yet with all the excitement I was ready to go well before sunrise. Essau had spent the night at the other end of the settlement but he was right on time... US time, not African Time, which means anywhere from 15 minutes to a day late.

With Essau's 27 years experience guiding, he set out for an area of the park where we'd have the best chance to view lions early in the day. Along the way we stopped for a giraffe in the road, feeding on a tree on the side of the road. Rather than attempt to spook it by driving right past, we simply waited until it moved around to the other side of the tree for more grazing.

Soon after we encountered a large clan of baboons. some on the ground, some in trees, some sleeping it off, some swinging from branch-to-branch, some grooming others and even two tiny youngsters play-fighting. I spent most of the time filming video so not many photos.

Right at the end of the loop Essau took us on we encountered a pair of lions mating. We caught barely a few seconds, time only for some quick snaps. Unfortunately another vehicle with a gaggle of noisy folks sporting camera with monstrous lenses spoiled the party. We would see this a number of times over the course of our safari.

As the other group got tired of jokes and making noise left, since lions mate as many as a hundred ties a day, 15 minutes apart, we waited the 15 minutes and were rewarded with barely another 15 seconds of activity.
We would wait one more time, but as the lioness was about to pass in front of the male, they were spooked by what Essau said was probably an enemy. When we asked what the enemy would be he said another male. The two lions stared off in the same direction for a good ten minutes before sauntering off, seeking safer ground.

From then on, although we passed through new territory, the game was not as plentiful as yesterday afternoon, but as Essau said, we were fortunate to see the huge amounts the day before, there may be times when he goes through a whole safari seeing nothing but elephants and impala, of which the park has plenty of.

With the park permits only good for exactly 24 hours, it was time to head out of the park. We made it just in time... 23 hours and 54 minutes. Although officially out of the park, we would see wild animals (mainly giraffes) for some distance along the road. I found out from Essau that there are no fences around the park, the government relies on game figuring out on their own that if they wander too far, they will be hunted. To my way of thinking, if one shots kills, how is the animal to learn? Unless of course it's their mate or offspring that gets shot.

Our return trip to Iringa was quite eventful... but if I were to detail even half of it, this triplog would take forever to complete... if it hasn't already. (Plus, who would read it all anyway?)

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Monkey eating from elephant dung
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