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Quandary Peak - East Ridge
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mini location map2015-09-01
7 by photographer avatarBobP
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Quandary Peak - East RidgeSouth Central, CO
South Central, CO
Hiking avatar Sep 01 2015
Hiking6.65 Miles 3,404 AEG
Hiking6.65 Miles
3,404 ft AEG
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1st trip
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This was my first 14er and also my first 14er of this trip. I did this one in 2007/8 but never recorded it on haz :oops: but did post pics . [ photoset ] without descriptions. I hiked with a legend that day. Horton the Quandry Dog was an awesome dog and credited with saving quite a few lost hikers. Google him for more info. RIP Horton. It was awesome hiking with Horton but having someone to talk to was more fun. Frick an I had some interesting convos mostly cool historical dr stuff. By the end, my hiphopatslsmus and amygaglia were very perky.

Talks of relationships between body size and brain size and brain size and cosmos cogs... Cows have bigger brains than most monkeys, but except for the eat more chikin ones most are as dumb as BrunoP.

Behavioral complexity and absolute magnitude, cuticle folding, and neocortex dominated our hike to the boulder field. Gears sifted to gray matter vs. volume of nerve cells and the architecture of brain structures as it relates to modern day Rap music. Questions like: what is intelligence anyway? Is it the dude who shoots the guy playing with fancy swords? or Is it knowing the correct way to peel a banana?.

Neocortex was the subject upon arriving at the ridgeline. Neocortex is related to size of the brain. Basically, size does matter. I tried to trick the Frick but then realized he is taller than me :doh:

Neurons were next as we approached the summit and then talks morphed to gaillial cells, intercellularphone space, vascular components, and other alien stuff. I was floored when Frick said " the activity of a neuron may be proportional to the length of its dendritic tree, and thus activity per unit volume of brain is blah...blah to a species' brain size. What does that even mean :-k My only response was the volume of nerve cells is irrelevant in a discussion of intelligence.

I then told him about this trip ... ___1 to try and really frick him out.

Epic beer was consumed :y:

Side note: You'll know why I started hiking 14ers if you read my MOTHC trip log.
The moral of the story is: Life is an unknown especially with smelly 5 day old hiking pants.
Mountain Goat
Always pronounce Egeszsegedre properly......
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