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Salt Canyon - LCR Gorge - Beamer - Tanner, AZ
mini location map2015-10-24
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Salt Canyon - LCR Gorge - Beamer - Tanner, AZ 
Salt Canyon - LCR Gorge - Beamer - Tanner, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 24 2015
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Grand Canyon, Rim to Rim "the B sides":

10/22 THUR NIGHT: We dropped our exit car at Lippan Point before being dropped off at Salt TH around 9pm. Started our descent around 10pm, met the mouth of Salt Trail at 1030. First time doing in the dark and pack weight 20lbs more then usual (raft, ores, life jacket, provisions for three days). About 130am we hit the "subway station"....first time here where the water was flowing on the lower deck, set up camp.

10/23 FRIDAY: Made it down to the crossover about Noon, where the water was flowing (first time to see) with amazing waterfalls all around, kept our push to the LCR and immediately started to filter water.... we got here about 4pm. The spring we normally hit was flowing over with muddy water from Salt Canyon. Blew up and packed our rafts and set out on the LCR which was flowing very fast, about 5mph, with lots and lots of class 4 rapids. The dog was okay at first, after the first C4, he was not happy and chose to jump out (or was launched like a spring) ...we probably went 2.5 to 2.75 miles on the river in just a 1/2 hours time. With no sun and the brown muddy water constantly splashing and filling your raft, needed to get off the water immediately. Fan's raft capsized. It was more then we could chew. Exited the LCR, and set up camp along the trail on the south side.

10/24 SATURDAY: Woke up at 7am; broke camp around 9am and made our way to the confluence. Out of water, Carlos pressed on rafting the CO, Fan & I found a large rain puddle along Beamer trail and took a little more then an hour to filter 3 gallons of water. Beamer trail has a very high pucker factor. DO NOT ATTEMPT if you are afraid of heights. When you have 10 to 12" of trail to work with; shelf on one side and sheer drop offs on the other. Once we got off the plataeu and onto the beach, we set up camp, about 10pm. The spot we chose had a standing water hole which we used to filter water for Sunday (not as muddy as the CO). This portion of the CO was a large continuous whirlpool, providing for waves and a beach. Was not a fan of Beamer Trail, never again.

10/25 SUNDAY: 630am, break down camp, and filter water...big ball buster day....4500' in AEG and 9 miles on Tanner plus the 3 miles left on Beamer. We reached the Beamer/Tanner junction about 130pm. Tanner is well groomed, well routed and very punishing. Fan and I were greeted by Carlos at 10pm who got out at 6pm. His only 4 hours of sleep from SAT/SUN. Carlos rafted the Colorado from the confluence and overshot his exit about a mile past Tanner Rapids. Carlos hiked all night, mostly off trail traversing Cardenas Butte to recapture trail and on up.
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