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Squaw Peak - Rockinstraw Quad, AZ
mini location map2016-04-08
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Squaw Peak - Rockinstraw Quad, AZ 
Squaw Peak - Rockinstraw Quad, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 08 2016
Hiking4.80 Miles 1,762 AEG
Hiking4.80 Miles   3 Hrs   35 Mns   1.44 mph
1,762 ft AEG      15 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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After competing my summit of Redmond Mountain I drove the short distance to my chosen trailhead for this hike. If I had not stuck to planning on using only Forest Roads and spent more time on Satellite view I would have had half the distance, which might just have allowed time to complete my planned 5-peak day. But then I would have missed out on a bunch of fun...
The hike began with an easy walk in a sandy wash but quickly became a large boulder-hopping experience. If only I had stuck to the cow-paths. But as soon as I left the boulder-filled wash and scaled the slope out of it I found plenty of cow-paths similar to on Redmond Mountain. Kind of funny, because by following the paths I was led to the only easy fence crossing, where a ramp of sorts up to a boulder allowed me (as well as cows) to walk right over it.

Along the last ridge I passed through almost every kind of thorny plant known to Arizona. If it wren't for the cow-paths again, I probably would have gotten the point once or twice.

As I closed in on the final ascent I kept scanning it seeking out the best route. It wasn't long before I was reduced to hand-over-hand climbing, only to find out later another route allowed even the cows to walk up to an open area adjacent to the summit. Although I found that out before my descent, I had left my hiking poles halfway up the hard route... so I wasn't able to make use of the easy route.

Although there were assorted rain & thunderstorms in the vicinity and so far I'd been lucky, it appeared that might change fast. Not 15 minutes after leaving the summit with blue or partly-cloudy skies, I heard loud thunder only to turn around and see the dark clouds rolling in. Ok, so I'll stay away from high points and modify my return route slightly farther from the storm.

Then a few minutes later I hear thunder on the other side of me... ok, let's see if I can thread the needle between the storms. But the only way to do so is to cross at least two high points. So again I made another longer detour to avoid them as long as possible then do the ascents and descents as quickly as possible. By time I reached the last high point both storms had passed, one on either side.

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2:40 - Squaw Peak summit panorama

After this hike I explored routes for one peak (the final ascent doesn't look like one I wish to attempt anytime soon) then driving to a point in between the final two peaks I had planned for the day.

I should have been able to do the last two within 90-minutes to an hour, but just beginning the first ascent I bailed due to a very heavy rain squall moving in. I wasn't worried about getting wet as much as the well-eroded hill I had driven up could become greasy and I didn't want to end up sliding off.

Oh well, I've got three peaks to come back for another time. Yes, Aaanold, 'I'll be back!'
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