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Arizona Trail #16 & Peak 3937, AZ
mini location map2016-02-20
28 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Arizona Trail #16 & Peak 3937, AZ 
Arizona Trail #16 & Peak 3937, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 20 2016
Hiking5.70 Miles 1,840 AEG
Hiking5.70 Miles   4 Hrs   5 Mns   1.52 mph
1,840 ft AEG      20 Mns Break20 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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In April Tracey will be doing a 3-day traverse of AZT #16 & #17 so we decided to take a rough drive and a few short hikes and cache a few gallons of water. The last time we drove all the way to the AZT #17 TH, I vowed I would not drive it again... so we decided to drive route that would bring us to the other side of the canyon from the TH.

Although the drive wasn't quite as bad as last trip out to AZT #17 TH, it led to more work for me and the Jeep. (See the video at the bottom) Half of the work to clear the boulder out of the way was done before we thought to have Tracey shoot a video. Also, I should have taken a video of Tracey taking a small sledge hammer to the corner of a boulder. All she had to sow for it was a shaky arm the next day.
Finally we reached our campsite, which was in sight of and within a quarter mile of the AZT #17 trailhead. We wanted to cache the water before setting up camp so we set off right away. Only a 1/4 mile across? It felt like a few miles... carrying a 1 gallon jug in one hand while descending on probably the steepest 'road' I'd ever seen, followed by the climb up the other side to the reach the AZT. (I'm sure the Jeep would have gone end-over-end, which is why we were walking it.)

We cached the water a ways south on #16 before backtracking to the fence at the #17 TH. And what do we find there? Wow! Cool! A steel 'Bear Safe' for holding possibly thirty 1-gallon jugs of cached water. If we only knew...
Whatever, since we had light packs, we took out the 6 empty plastic jugs, crushed and placed them in our packs before taking them with us.

Yes, I know it can be a pain to take your empties as you pass by, but c'mon now, hang it on your pack until Picketpost anyway!
Just sayin' :STP:

Since we'd seen this part of AZT #17 numerous times, we turned around again and headed south along #16 until I was feeling I shouldn't push my long-time-in-healing left ankle any more today. It was such a beautiful day with beautiful scenery that during our out-and-back on AZT #16 we encountered eight mountain bikers, one of which had my bike! Ok, so it was a Giant Trance 2 just like my new one.
Back to camp for set up, relax, read and just enjoy the scenery. But with such a great day we simply couldn't sit around camp waiting for sunset, so we took a jaunt up Peak 3937, checked the summit log, still only had the first entry (mine) and the entry when JJ & I were here waiting for Nick to complete his last passage of the AZT, #16.

We hadn't continued very far south along the ridge before I spotted our first Gila Monster of 2016. (We're on a roll, spotting a second Gila Monster just over a mile away on the drive out the next day)

A bit farther south along the ridge is where I decided to shoot a video of AZT #16 traversing the slope on the other side of the canyon. Then back to camp, preparing for a peaceful evening with a full moon.
Only it wasn't peaceful! This was the second straight time of camping near AZT #17 TH when we wake to a heavy base beat... THUMP, THUMP, THUMP...
What the :pk: !!!
What is WRONG with people? REALLY? From 2:30 am until 6 am! :gun:
Thanks for ruining our peaceful evening. How about following Leave-No-Trace ethics relative to excessive sound as well? but then folks like that have no ethics.
At least we had enjoyed the colors at sunset.

Three videos:
1:30 - Clearing the road with my Cherokee
2:10 - Gila Monster video
1:00 - Panorama of AZT #16 from Peak 3937
Gila Monster
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