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Verde Rim to Hot Springs, AZ
mini location map2019-04-22
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Verde Rim to Hot Springs, AZ 
Verde Rim to Hot Springs, AZ
Backpack22.34 Miles 4,447 AEG
Backpack22.34 Miles2 Days         
4,447 ft AEG
1st trip
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I drove east out on Dugas Road basically until I made it to Tule Mesa, where I parked and started my hike. The last couple miles of the drive were very rough so it was slow going and I was ready to start walking. It took me longer to get out than I anticipated, especially with my side trip to Pine Flat along the way. I started walking along Tule Mesa about 3:15 pm.

The plan was to hike the road down to Verde Hot Spring and find some geocaches along the way and that's what I did. The walk along Tule Mesa was easy enough and the view over the Verde Rim near were I dropped over was truly spectacular. I pretty much walked continuously except when I stopped to find a cache. There were three along the mesa and several more as I descended down to the Verde River.

At one point, I passed by a Nissan Titan that got stuck on a large boulder and was left there. I imagine the driver had to walk out and would be coming back with a winch equipped vehicle. If you're familiar with the road, it was just above where the chain link fencing is placed on the road bed.

About half past 6, I stopped to find cache at the road junction where one can possibly go to Bloody Basin road. After I found the cache, I started cooking dinner. That entailed mixing water in with a Knorr Mexican Rice side and letting it soak while I continue walking.

It was well past twilight by the time I neared the Verde and I pulled my headlamp out for the last mile or so. I spotted a couple places to camp as I neared the hot spring. I arrived at the spring where I took my shoes and socks off and soaked my feet while I ate dinner. There were two couples enjoying the water when I arrived sometime after 8. We talked for awhile and all left about the same time. They headed to the Childs campground and I went a couple hundred yards to a nice camping spot under some Mesquite trees. I think about 6 other people walked by to the Spring and back during the night.

The next morning I broke camp and went back to the hot spring to check it out in the daylight. Then started back up to the rim. There were three caches I had left to find as it was too dark to bother looking when I passed them on the way in. The climb out went pretty well, I did better than I thought I would. As I reached the top of the Verde Rim, there was a Toyota Tundra with two flat tires on the passenger side and one in the bed, with the spare on the front driver's side. That'll be expensive! Again, nobody was there and I didn't see anyone on my way out. They weren't there on my hike down so that was interesting. The Titan was still there on my way out too.

I think it was around 1 when I made it back to the truck, and then I had the long drive out.

Gear wise, I carried very little. My pack, quilt, mattress, pillow, groundsheet, fleece hoody, wind jacket, some food, some water, filter, camera, pens, phone, hygiene/first aid stuff, and for some reason base layers. Maybe 17lbs with about 8 of water to start each day with.
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