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Salt Trail - LCR & CO Packraft - Tanner Trail, AZ
mini location map2017-05-28
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Salt Trail - LCR & CO Packraft - Tanner Trail, AZ 
Salt Trail - LCR & CO Packraft - Tanner Trail, AZ
Hiking avatar May 28 2017
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Night hiked down Salt Trail on Thursday night.

Camped along trail, arrive LCR Friday afternoon.
Packrafted on LCR about 3 miles, across the way from the Hopi Sipapu.
Video: [ youtube video ]

Saturday morning picked up an off duty park ranger. Made it to the confluence for a brief break, to see the azure blue LCR water collide with the very cold green Colorado river was pretty wicked. Dropped off Park Ranger dude at Palisades. Continued our raft trip down the Colorado to Tanner Beach where we had a permit to stay for the night. Saw a coiled up pink rattlesnake relaxing at the beach under a tree.

Best part of this trip...getting to skip Beamer Trail. Looking up at it while packrafting the Colorado... ha ha ha.

Sunday hike up Tanner trail to Lippan point. It was hot. It sucked with 65lbs on. Breaked off in the shade.

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Either getting used to it or the water did not taste that bad after filtration.

"Before there was a trail..... there was no trail"
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