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West Pinto - Campaign to Divide
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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Nov 03 2007
Hiking5.50 Miles 2,357 AEG
Hiking5.50 Miles   4 Hrs      1.38 mph
2,357 ft AEG
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1st trip
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We followed Fritzki's writeup and directions with the intent of only going as far as the junction with the Campaign trail. The road in from highway 60 is about the same as the road to Four Peaks. Once you get past the mining operations the road narrows with many drop offs. Just take it slow and all is OK. The problem is that the Miles trailhead is a bit over 12 miles from the highway and for several miles (due to erosion ditches) your speed will be 20 or less.

Anyway we arrived at Miles Trailhead only to find about 16 people already there getting ready for their "cross Superstition" marathon for 4 days which is described in the forum section. We greeted several of the HAZ people and we identified ourselves from our HAZ handles. One guy said that my photos on HAZ did not look like me and I told him that I had shaved for the event.

Norm, Dave and I then started up West Pinto Creek. The old Kennedy ranch still has several buildings and corrals and pens and foundation remains-all very interesting to explore. The trail to the old corral across from the Campaign trail trailhead is 2.75 miles so the RT is 5.5 miles. Of course the marathon people went on up the Campaign trail to get to Reavis Ranch to camp that night. The trail parallels the Pinto Creek bed (no water when we were there) and it quite well defined except you have to watch for carins. We found ourselves going up parts of the creek bed in places but found that the actual trail was on one side or the other close to the creek bed. So, if you stray from the trail you can go either left or right and quickly find it.

Of course the difference between the Western Superstitions and the Eastern Superstitions is very pronounced. The eastern country is generally higher and therefore has more vegetation. The foliage is very thick and lush-even with the lack of water we have had this year. There are also a number of spectacular rock cliffs along the creek bed.

Then you arrive at the Cuff Button trailhead and a little farther the Campaign trailhead. Surprise! Look across the creek bed and you see an old corral, complete with gate and all of it seems to be the vertical stick construction. If actually looks in good shape—way out there!!! The area is called Oak Flat and there are lots of open spaces for grazing. We lunched there at a very neat fire ring and then wandered back to the Miles Ranch trailhead.

Due to the long drive 12 miles past Superior and then 12 plus miles to the trailhead the hike really took most of a day. There are many, many criss crossing trail in the area for all ability levels. The one we took is basically fairly easy. Check the map of the area to see Bull Basin Loop, Haunted Canyon, and others.

Once thing bothered us a great deal. The news is that the copper mines have really started to produce again due to the price of copper and many areas near the old mines are destined to be dug out for copper. One area would destroy Tony's Cabin and some of the Haunted Canyon area. It would be a shame. Anyway, the RT hike up the creek bed was nice and fun with very nice 65 degree temps. The only drawback is getting there.
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