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Camp Creek Falls
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Feb 08 2008
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Hiking3.00 Miles
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Wow! What a surprise this is. You can not imagine from the main road what amazing rock formations and general scenery awaits you if you go down Blue Wash and turn left at Camp creek to the falls. We did this the same day as the Canyon Lake Massif (I know the miles between are many but we had to arrange to eat at El Encanto in Cave Creek and since both hikes are short in distance we did both in the same day).

Anyway, on a tip from a friend we did not stop at the hilltop parking area designated for Blue Wash but went on to the bottom of the hill and parked where we followed the actual creek bed all the way to Camp Creek. The sign there says :Blue Wash" This route is really quite easy and far more scenic that the "horse trail" from the hilltop parking area.

There is one place on the Blue Wash creek bed where the bed drops off about 12 feet and one has to go to the right up and over then down to resume the creek bed route. There are numerous miniature waterfalls along this route and very, very science fiction looking rock formations. It is very evident when you reach the junction with Camp Creek Lots of water flowing today, We did not know exactly how the waterfall filled into the stream so we did go back and forth across the flowing water on rocks and jumping a but. I can tell you know that, if you almost reach the Camp creek, turn left through a short brush covered area (even a faint trail) you will come out on the Camp Creek bed and can go all the way to the waterfall without any water sloshing.

We heard the waterfall way before we got to it. What a sight! Photos again will be up in a day or so. One can get very close to the picturesque several directions fall of the water and also you can easily go up top and wander around above the fall. The area begs to have photos taken. We obliged.

On the return trip, before we got to the 12 foot cliff, we turned left up a well marked trail obviously populated by people and horses and followed it up over hills to the hilltop parking area. We did this just to vary the loop a bit. I highly recommend going down the creek bed first and back up the other trail. I did use my GPS to track the 9/10 mile from the car to the Camp creek junction but would not have to as it is very clear that Blue Wash dumps into Camp creek and you simply go left a quarter mile to the waterfall.

Again, what an astounding area of rocks and water. Thousands of people travel the road from Carefree and there are even many very expensive homes nearby. However, this is one place if you did not know it was there you would never guess that the creeks and mini falls culminate in the Camp creek waterfall that is an artists dream. Sure it is a drive away but be certain to do this some time. You will be amazed.
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