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Robbers Roost - Superstitions
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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Jan 24 2008
Hiking6.20 Miles 2,500 AEG
Hiking6.20 Miles   7 Hrs      0.89 mph
2,500 ft AEG
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One more goal attained! Wednesday 4 of us led by Irv Kanode left our cars at the "new" Carney Springs parking area and headed to the fence start of Carney Springs trail. Our destination was Robbers Roost on Dacite mesa. Of course the climb up to West Boulder Saddle sapped me quite a bit-as it always has, but we made it after being joined by Dan who arrived late and virtually "ran" up the trail to catch us at the false saddle.

Dan had to return to be back by a certain time so the 4 of us continued on east. Although there are various carins and a rather spotty trail route the direction goes toward the NE for a couple hundred yards and then goes SE up a drainage wash. The actual Robbers Roost is about one mile from West Boulder Saddle and it is not an easy mile picking your way around boulders, crossing the wash in places and doing a bit of up hill travel heading toward a gap at the top of the wash. Once you reach the top of the wash there is a surprising small flat area with views of the valley. Once thing that surprised me on Dacite mesa was that it is not like a true "mesa" with a rather flat top. Dacite mesa is covered with hoodoos, spires, strangely shaped rocks and king size boulders. As you go nearer the slot wash leading the robbers roost you are right among those rock outcroppings. There is nothing very flat about this mesa. It also is much larger than one would think when viewing it from the valley floor.

Rather than attempt to give directions to the actual robbers roost I refer you to the GPS charts and writeups by our extremely competent guide, Irv Kanode.on this web site. I will mention that it seems like many have tried to place carins all over the place after you climb up the wash. From there on there are several ways one can get to robbers roost but some of the carins will put you over the top with a tough way to get down. Irv even said he has tried several ways and finally found the easier way. At what is called the Chiminaya which resembles a very large one popular throughout the SW, stay to the left and aim for a lone tree. When at the lone tree turn west and start down a crevice with large boulders ahead of you.

This place is not easy to find even if you have been there. You go down the crevice, then to the left and through some rock "avenues" and then down to the right and finally a short drop down to the roost itself. I have tried to use photos posted soon to show the route and the astounding rock formations. I have wanted to get there for a long time. A long steep climb followed by some trail and some bushwhacking will reward you with the roost. Again please be aware that there are many carins all over the area but if you stay on the left to the tree and then down the "shute" you will get there. Great day and good hike. Every time I go up Carney I wonder if I will ever try it again. I suppose I will after a long leg rest. Must work out more on the exercise equipment!!

It took us 7 hours as we stopped alot and also messed around at the roost plus lunch. Most can do this faster but I enjoy the routes and the amazing Superstitions scenery.
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