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Peak 4804 and Four Miles, AZ
mini location map2017-01-17
24 by photographer avatarFLYING_FLIVER
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Peak 4804 and Four Miles, AZ 
Peak 4804 and Four Miles, AZ
Hiking2.67 Miles 814 AEG
Hiking2.67 Miles   3 Hrs   26 Mns   1.80 mph
814 ft AEG   1 Hour   57 Mns Break
1st trip
Partners none no partners
Peak 4804 is just south of Miles Ranch/TH. There’s a benchmark up there named Miles.
Peak 4804 was supposed to be only a small part of my planned hike. It turned out it was the only part.

I had time constraints today, as I had to shuttle someone to PHX Sky Harbor in the late afternoon, so the plan was to start this hike 1/2 hour before sunrise. That never happened.
I had too many surprise delays that made me cut the hike very short.

My first delay was getting there. Just prior to Superior, on Rt 60, all traffic came to a stop. All traffic was totally stopped for over 1/2 hour. This was at about 6:00 AM. I know there’s alot of road construction on Rt 60, but this ‘full stop’ was not anticipated. Cars finally started to move slowly, and slow it was, all the way to Pinto Mine Rd.
I actually started the hike an hour and 1/2 later than planned.

The second surprise was the slow progress moving up Pk 4804. This peak is little, not much more than an oversized ‘bump’.
Very tall, thick brush greeted me immediately during the climb, and stayed with me for 3/4s of the ‘up’, and all of the ‘down’. (I went down the other side to Haunted Cyn Tr). I should have brought a hedge trimmer.

It was sunny and 30 degrees when I started up through this thick stuff.
The brush I was plowing through was covered with thick, frost. HMMMM ….I wonder what happens when this ‘frost’ melts? I soon found out.
Once the temperature went above freezing, every time I pushed on the brush to clear my way, I was ‘rained on’ by the wet branches and leaves. By the time I got to the top, I was soaked from my hat to my boots. The bright sun must have been laughing at me.

To make things even more fun, amongst the healthy brush were charred remains of a long ago fire. I started to morph into a piece of wet, black charcoal.
Once done with Miles BM and its two RMs, getting down to Haunted Cyn Tr was even more brush, ‘rain’, and charcoal.

I was totally soaked again, so instead of going south on the trail, I went north to the TH & then ‘road hiked’ to the car. I then drove down the road a short distance, and quickly located Miles Azimuth Mark. That was the end of my hike.

Now here’s my recommendation about Pk 4804. Don’t go up there.
Even in dry conditions, don’t go. The thick brush and the charcoal bath will still hand out grief. Plus, there’s nothing to see up there, except those 3 little disks, plus some wood, wires and random nails. Heck, no one in their right mind should go up there just for ‘disks’…….

During the drive home, I was anticipating Rt 60 delays again, but there were none. Good for me.
My shuttle job to PHX Sky Harbor worked as scheduled. Good for my passenger.

As soon as it dries out in the Miles area, I’ll finish the hike down Haunted Cyn Trail, etc, and make sure I have no, end-of-hike, time issues.
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