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Made in the Shade - Sedona, AZ
mini location map2017-02-18
29 by photographer avatarxthine
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Made in the Shade - Sedona, AZ 
Made in the Shade - Sedona, AZ
Run/Jog avatar Feb 18 2017
Run/Jog5.01 Miles 617 AEG
Run/Jog5.01 Miles   1 Hour   16 Mns   4.23 mph
617 ft AEG      5 Mns Break
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1st trip
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I thought I'd explore a new (easy?) trail for my 1st trail run after the knee mishap a few weeks ago. I thought it would not be as rocky being a MTB trail. I was dead wrong.

Parked at Bell Rock lot and walked across to the start of Slim Shady trail. Not a lot of cars at the trailhead, it was drizzling a bit and called for more rain in the afternoon. Studied the map and planned to do a loop..Made in the Shade to Slim Shady, short and sweet. I also wanted to find where Made in the Shade met with Slim Shady further down the trail so I could find where Hi Line started. Figured route next time will be Made in the Shade- Slim Shady - Hi Line - Baldwin - Templeton - Slim Shady.

I brought my map with me, had my DeLorme InReach tracking on just in case. Yup, I got lost.

Quickly found the trail marker for Made in the Shade and Slim Shady. There were 3 mountain bikers there, they went on to do Slim Shady while I made my way up Made In the Shade.
The first couple of miles i thought were rocky and steepish, ended up hiking some parts of the first 2 miles.
Looking back at my GPS tracking it looks like I got off trail after the first 0.5 mile. I think I remember that part, I was at a vista.. wasn't quite sure where exactly the trail was, so took the path that looked like a trail (it really did look like a trail). I did not see any cairns. It was a steady climb over the next mile. Close to the top there was a fork, with no trail marker. I went to the left and came to spot where it looks like someone had camped? Awesome views of the village! I could not find a trail though so I went back and decided to take the right 'trail'. Trail was certainly narrow and mostly rock, with significant drop offs. I figure I must be going the right direction because I was heading down (and I could hear someone yelling, must be having fun on the bike).
It looks like I got back on trail after mile 2. Took it all the way down and ended up where I started (made in the shade Slim Shady trail sign). Went over to Slim Shady for about 3/4 a mile or so and finally able to see smooth runnable terrain.

So basically I made a loop ..Made in the Shade - off trail -- Made in the Shade. :(
I don't know what happened, it really look like a trail to me. Didn't trample on any desert plant life (that would have been painful!) and no bushwhacking involved either.

The 'trail' that I took was a fun one though (minus the fear of getting lost), certainly got my dose of elevation that day. :scared:
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