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Carrie Nation-Fern Canyon Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-07-07
8 by photographer avatarSkyIslandHiker
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Carrie Nation-Fern Canyon Loop, AZ 
Carrie Nation-Fern Canyon Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jul 07 2017
Hiking6.30 Miles 1,929 AEG
Hiking6.30 Miles
1,929 ft AEG
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This morning I met up with my community hiking club for a early morning hike at Madera Canyon starting at 6:30. From the Roundup our group of 7 began on the Carrie Nation Trail to the mine from where we took the well-traveled Carrie Nation route (unofficial trail) up to the Agua Caliente Trail. This route is probably the steepest trail in the Santa Ritas, even steeper than the nearby Vault Mine Trail. We then headed east on the Agua Caliente Trail to Josephine Saddle and then down the Super Trail to the Fern Canyon route junction. From the junction we took another well-traveled route down Fern Canyon to Kent Canyon where we picked up the Pipeline route. The Pipeline route dumped us out on the lower Super Trail about a half mile from the trail head.

All the creeks were dry except for one small perrenial pool at the Fern Creek crossing near the Rogers Rock junction. BTW, Fern Creek is the local name for the south fork of Kent Creek.

Deer flies were terrible this morning, especially as we were perspiring going up the Carrie Nation Trail/route with no breeze. While taking a break at the Carrie Nation-Agua Caliente trail junction I had at least a dozen buzzing me. At Josephine Saddle and below we picked up a light breeze which apparently kept the deer flies at bay for the remainder of the hike.

We ran into a Border Patrol agent at the Rogers Rock junction in Fern Canyon who indicated that UDAs frequent Fern Canyon (although we seldom see tell-tale trash). Upon arriving back to our cars at the Roundup there were additional BP vehicles arriving so they must have some type of operation going on at Madera today.

...just another crummy day in the Sonoran Desert!
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