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Santa Rita Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-07-11
8 by photographer avatarSkyIslandHiker
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Santa Rita Loop, AZ 
Santa Rita Loop, AZ
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Hiking6.44 Miles   3 Hrs   56 Mns   1.64 mph
2,082 ft AEG
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This morning I joined up with Tucson Hiking Meetup Group for a loop hike at the Madera Canyon Recreation Area following a stormy overnight rain. On my drive into the canyon I stopped at the Santa Rita Lodge to see how much water was in their big rain gauge (1.66"). Our group of ten hikers, plus two dogs, met at 7:00am at the Roundup under cloudy skies with a cool, but humid, air temp of 70 degrees.

We began our loop hike on the Super Trail, where after about a half mile we switched onto the Pipeline route which took us over to Kent Canyon. From there we took steep route up Fern Canyon and then another route over to Roger's Rock. Patrick set a good pace and by the time we got to the top of Roger's Rock I was soaked in perspiration from the high humidity. After Roger's Rock we returned to the Super Trail and on up to Josephine Saddle where we took a break. We departed Josephine Saddle on the Agua Caliente Trail, turned down the Carrie Nation route to the mine site and back to the Roundup on the Carrie Nation Trail. The damp ground made for good footing down the steep and pine-needle covered route. Only one hiker slipped, but fell gracefully.

All the routes we took (Pipeline, Fern, Roger's Rock, Carrie Nation) are well-worn paths, just not official trails.

On the Super Trail just below Josephine Saddle, the trail side basin at Sprung Spring was dry which has been the case for the last several years, except when it fills with rainwater.

Other than pesky deer flies it was a great summer morning for a hike in the woods. The air had a fresh fragrance from the overnight rain and all the plants and trees looked happy. Except for a brief sun break we enjoyed shade almost the entire hike.

...just another crummy day in the Sonoran Desert!
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