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East Baldy Trail #95
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mini location map2017-07-16
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East Baldy Trail #95Alpine, AZ
Alpine, AZ
Hiking10.90 Miles
Hiking10.90 Miles
   4 Hrs   2 Mns Break
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1st trip
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After hiking just a little over a mile on Saturday, we were ready to tear up some trail on Sunday morning. We only had about 4 hours of hiking time available before heading back to the desert and chose one of my two favorite White Mountain hikes - the East Baldy Trail. We knew we didn't have time for the summit but I was hoping we would get to the third viewpoint which we did.

We hit the trail before 7:00am and Steve set a blistering pace to the base of the hoodoos where I took the lead. We arrived at the first overlook, just above the hoodoos, in 47 minutes. The second viewpoint was achieved 1'12" and we made it to the third overlook in 1'51".

This third overlook is about 5 miles up the trail and is not right on the trail like the two lower overlooks. Instead you follow a route on the right (north) about 100 feet up to the top of a rock outcropping. The route junction is marked with a cairn and is located right where the East Baldy Trail switchbacks to the left. This third overlook along the East Baldy Trail affords a spectacular view of the West Baldy drainage. It's particularly scenic when the aspens are changing. However, the aspens will someday will block the view. Like the viewpoint above the Hoodoos, the West Baldy overlook is a destination in itself.

All blowdown has been cleared from the East Baldy Trail, at least as far up as the third overlook.

After a short break we retraced our steps to the East Baldy Trailhead where the parking lot had me still scratching my head from when we arrived. Of the nine designated parking spaces, two are reserved for the handicapped. C'mon, at a 9,300 foot trailhead with a loose cinder pathway? I'm all for accessibility but this is ridiculous.
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