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2 Buttes A Ruin and 2 Benchmarks, AZ
mini location map2018-01-29
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2 Buttes A Ruin and 2 Benchmarks, AZ 
2 Buttes A Ruin and 2 Benchmarks, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 29 2018
Hiking6.30 Miles 2,325 AEG
Hiking6.30 Miles   7 Hrs   16 Mns   1.57 mph
2,325 ft AEG   3 Hrs   15 Mns Break
1st trip
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Jackson Butte and Rock Springs Butte are on opposite sides of Rte 60, north of Globe and are neighbors of Sevenmile Mountains.

I hiked up Seven Mile Mtns last week, and on two photos, I teased a bit, about what was on top of Jackson Butte.
[ photo ]
[ photo ]

Then I thought, since my car now knows how to get to the area, I might as well go up Jackson Butte myself. Heck, a benchmark and a ruins, all in one ascent.

Jackson Butte
From my car/TH, Jackson Butte looks like a normal ‘pointy top’ mountain, but with the addition of huge boulders all around the top. The side I climbed was steep, but had good footing.
Once I got to the huge boulders, it took me awhile to figure out a safe way to get on top. I made it up and through the boulders, with just a little exposure.
Jackson Benchmark and two reference marks are up there.

Also up there is a multi room ruins covering the entire boulder top, with more ‘ruins rooms’ a bit below the top boulders, amongst a lower tier of boulders. The people living there basically had a multi-level condo complex. The boulder top (including the natural boulder walls), measures over 250 feet by 250 feet.
Abundant, thick vegetation on top obscured alot of the ruins walls, but it’s quite evident there are many separate rooms.

After spending alot of time in their ‘rooms’, I scaled down through the boulders on the opposite side and circled around the mountain and headed for Rock Springs Butte.

Rock Springs Butte
My motivation to go up this butte was to locate a ……. ’benchmark only depicted on some TOPOs’.
Locating those BMs is usually a ‘fail’.

This butte’s top has a very narrow, almost level ridgeline, covered in red, flat, ‘rock-plate’ type rocks. Since it’s level, surveyors could have placed a benchmark anywhere along the 130 foot long ridge top.
The benchmark triangle icon location on TOPO maps, didn’t jive with the actual top, so that map placement was no help. I started looking for remnants of a Height of Light. (wood and wires). Initially, I found none. Then, amongst some thick bushes I pulled out a long hunk of wood, then I found an assortment of wire. Relative to where I found the wire and wood, I did some measuring and guessed on the location. Removing rock-plates, and scrapping away dirt for about 1/2 hour got old. I started to look dirtier than the dirt.

OK - Enough drama - With alot of persistence, I finally dug down to a flat ‘rock’, that was perfectly round, and since mother nature doesn’t do alot of ‘perfectly round’, I actually was scraping a disk. Good for me.

The disk was totally black. The weather elements, during the last 84 years had baked on alot of junk that took me another 20 minutes to scrape off. I used the flat edge of a rock to scrape the gunk off the disk, so I could at least read the thing.
Water and my magic ‘Fliver Dust’ didn’t make the disk any more readable, so I used a photo sans the dust.

Summit logs on both buttes verify that not many go up these buttes. Of course, some of the usual suspects did start both logs years ago.

This was a nice little adventure, with both buttes contributing to the fun.
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