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Chippewa River
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mini location map2018-07-18
22 by photographer avatarazbackpackr
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Chippewa RiverWestern, WI
Western, WI
Kayak avatar Jul 18 2018
Kayak6.08 Miles 26 AEG
Kayak6.08 Miles   3 Hrs   4 Mns   2.42 mph
26 ft AEG      33 Mns Break
1st trip
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This was my very first trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin. I went there for a family event. My son's in-laws were hosting a gathering at their farm, to say goodbye to him and his wife and daughter, because my son has orders to Okinawa for three years. (They arrived there safely last night.)

Of course, I knew if I was spending 6 days in Minnesota I had to figure out a way to go kayaking! We rented boats and received a shuttle from Broken Paddle Guiding company, out of Wabasha, Minnesota. Very good outfitter. (They also offer guided trips and mountain biking.) See my GPS route and this map: ... %20(1).pdf for an idea of where we went. My son, my 10-year-old granddaughter, and my ex were on the paddle trip with me. We had a really nice time.

We launched on the Chippewa River in Wisconsin, a couple miles upriver from its confluence with the Mississippi. We went down the Chippewa, then down the Mississippi, then up through a flooded forest route (complete with canoe trail signs) along a channel called the "Government Light Slough." This brought us back to where our car had been dropped off, about a quarter mile from where we'd started. We saw several bald eagles, had a picnic on a sandy beach on the Mississippi, and watched the Amtrak go by on its track along the river on the Minnesota side. Plus we saw a truly giant barge thingy go by--two enormous barges being pushed upriver by an enormous boat. We also passed under a railroad bridge just as a freight was passing by, and I was quick with the camera. I also got to swim in the Mississippi River, and run barefoot along its banks, just like Huck Finn.

Now I want to paddle the whole Mississippi! I have chatted with several people who have done it. Anyone interested? It's only about 2400 miles! ;) There are three people doing it right now who have a social media page you can follow, if anyone is interested, let me know.

But ours was just a short half-day trip. It covered three different types of areas. The Chippewa River, the Mississippi River, and the slough.

There were very few mosquitoes at the launch site, so we put on some repellent, but we had no problems with them at all after that. This is what we had been told to expect.

What a fun and memorable day!

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