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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Apr 22 2008
Hiking3.90 Miles 2,489 AEG
Hiking3.90 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns   1.11 mph
2,489 ft AEG
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I would like to note a few differences in the trail description. From Highway 188 you will make a right onto 288 also posted as Young Rd. just before Lake Roosevelt. You will go over a narrow bridge then pass buy a few homes and a little store. Take a right onto Cherry Creek Rd. It will be a dirt road going up hill. About three miles before the trailhead there is a cattle gate you have to get out and open drive thru then close. The trail description describes a final creek crossing where there is a 4" pipe. It's actually not necessary to cross that and as for the pipe it's now a mangled mess of green metal down the on the side banking of the creek. The trailhead is clearly marked with a huge sign (see my Photo's) if your looking at the sign the trail heads up a slow grade to your right. Most of the trail is well marked and beaten down until the last half mile or so. I am guessing the reason it's so hard to find the ruins is because after a very grueling and dangerous two miles you feel like you have gone twice that. I thought many times I must have passed them. I actually had given up and on my way down the steep slippery slope I found a trail that continued on up the canyon. A couple of sections of the trail are very dangerous just barely wide enough for your boot and it drops straight down wile your only assurance are some little trees or old roots growing out of the cliff side to hold onto. The steep slope up to the ruins is also very dangerous the rocks just slide from under you. You are grasping and pulling at tiny little tree limbs to pull your self up, if one snapped you would be going for a long ride down. Although Difficult to get to these ruins are breath taking. It's hard to imagine people actually lived in them. It's quite an experience.

A few words of caution: Check the weather before heading in. If it rained while you were out there you would be screwed. The last creek crossing was very deep even in the end of April I am actually surprised my Jeep made it thru, the water was over my bumper. There are a few places you cross the creek and many places you cross thru washes if you were 20 miles in and it rained you would be living in your truck for a while. They are not lying when they say the last 2.5 miles are 4-wheel drive only! Also if there were a flash flood while you were climbing the water fall section you would defiantly be a gonner! There would be no place to go the canyon walls are hundreds of feet straight up on both sides.
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