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North-Chuparosa-Verde - MMRP, AZ
mini location map2018-12-08
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North-Chuparosa-Verde - MMRP, AZ 
North-Chuparosa-Verde - MMRP, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 08 2018
Hiking5.28 Miles 223 AEG
Hiking5.28 Miles   1 Hour   49 Mns   3.20 mph
223 ft AEG      10 Mns Break22 LBS Pack
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MMRP was hosting the Dawn-to-Dusk bike race, so my wife and I drove to the North Trail trailhead at the far end of the park. We did a somewhat convoluted route incorporating the North Trail, Chuparosa, Pemberton, and part of the Verde Trail too.

It had been a while since I last hiked these trails. I was surprised at how green it was. Also, this part of the park is more heavily vegetated since it wasn't hit by the Rio Fire of '95.

All of the trails in this area were in good condition.

We saw a bunch of bikes while we were on the Pemberton. We were able to make a sort of loop in that section by hiking a service road and the 168th St access spur. After observing the direction of bike travel on the way in, I chose a path which would have us walking against bike traffic (which made it easier for us to see them and get out of the way).

On the way back, we hiked part of the Verde Trail and sat on Nick and Jen Morigi's bench for a few minutes. This bench provides a nice late day view of the setting sun reflecting off of Four Peaks.

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