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Cinch-Scenic-Pemberton-Escondido - MMRP, AZ
mini location map2018-11-14
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Cinch-Scenic-Pemberton-Escondido - MMRP, AZ 
Cinch-Scenic-Pemberton-Escondido - MMRP, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 14 2018
Hiking10.34 Miles 804 AEG
Hiking10.34 Miles   3 Hrs   29 Mns   3.20 mph
804 ft AEG      15 Mns Break22 LBS Pack
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1st trip
A ten mile lollipop in MMRP... Escondido, Cinch, Scenic, Pemberton, and back on Escondido.

I saw only three other trail users: a guy with his dog and another guy who passed me as I was taking photos of the sunset. I was a little surprised to not see any night riders - it would have been a good night for it.

There were just enough clouds to make for a colorful sunset; hopefully I got a photo which I'll like well enough to post. I wish I would have brought my tripod on this hike.

I didn't notice much dust while I was hiking, though a lot of the hike was in the dark... but when I got home, I found that my shoes, socks, and pant legs were very, very dusty, far more dusty than is normal. I think that the recent weekend events (Javelina Jundred, Ragnar, and then the equestrian endurance ride) have taken their toll on the trails. Aside from the dust, however, the trails seemed to be in reasonably good condition.

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