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Usery Area Explorations, AZ
mini location map2018-11-18
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Usery Area Explorations, AZ 
Usery Area Explorations, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 18 2018
Hiking7.01 Miles 1,365 AEG
Hiking7.01 Miles   3 Hrs   14 Mns   2.63 mph
1,365 ft AEG      34 Mns Break24 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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My wife and I had intended to hike the Wild Horse Trail - AKA Lead Trail, but we ended up at the wrong trailhead. It was close, but wrong. But the hike that we did might have ended up being a more interesting hike than what we had planned, so I didn't mind...

We parked in the lot next to the west gate of the Bulldog Canyon OHV area. We began our hike by crossing the road and then crossing the fence. There is a well defined trail here that heads west. After about half a mile, we came to a fork - we went left which took us SW to start, but then in a more westerly direction over time. It was mostly uphill as we headed west. We eventually topped the ridge and started heading down the other side.

I wanted to keep going and somehow turn it into a loop - I was pretty sure we could find trails which would bring us back. But my wife sensibly pointed out the lateness of the day and our unfamiliarity with these trails - so we turned back.

When we got back to the fork in the trail mentioned earlier, I took the northern part of the fork and found that it ran into an area riddled with motorcycle trails. I selected one which took me west and once again gained the ridge. There were some loose and steep sections here.

When I got back to the parking area, I took the Maricopa Trail perhaps half a mile toward Usery Mountain Regional Park before returning.

I've plotted some other GPS tracks against the route I took. I found more than a few which matched up with at least some of what we hiked on Sunday. One of them corresponded to a route up to Peak 2972, though we did not do the summit. Another of the tracks which overlayed part of our trail was Darth Stiller's 13.29 mile loop which incorporated the trail we actually planned to do for the day - which was the Wild Horse Trail. I guess it was good that we turned around when we did because we definitely did not have enough daylight to do a 13 mile hike.

This area is riddled with trails - there's still a lot more to explore...
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