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Tramonto Peak Loop, AZ
mini location map2019-01-12
15 by photographer avatarNate_F
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Tramonto Peak Loop, AZ 
Tramonto Peak Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 12 2019
Hiking5.90 Miles 1,446 AEG
Hiking5.90 Miles   3 Hrs   27 Mns   1.79 mph
1,446 ft AEG      9 Mns Break
1st trip
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Headed out to Tramonto today. I've never hiked this area before, but always wanted to. It's part of the Sonoran Preserve, I guess, but it's not really. Not yet anyways. I parked in the neighborhood park off Languid and Via Aguila accessed from 27th Dr. and Carefree Highway. Beautiful neighborhood and park; but there was nobody in the park or on the "trail". I guess this area is not well known except for a few hikers and neighborhood residents. I used Nightstalker's route as a guide. Thanks for that. Other than the very beginning and some on the ridges and peaks, there really is no trail. Route finding at it's finest! I made sure to visit all three peaks and each climb was harder than the one before it. You really need good balance and grippy shoes because there is so much loose granite like ball-bearings! The mountainsides were plenty green too! Not much wildlife or human life though! I was the only one out here all day. The constant gunshots from the nearby firing range and the traffic from the Carefree Highway were a little off-putting though. You wander a little too close to people's backyards at some parts which isn't fun. Will the city ever expand into this area a trail system like the Preserve further South? Only time will tell. :)

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