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Huachuca Mountains - AZT #1 part 2, AZ
mini location map2019-01-20
25 by photographer avatartibber
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Huachuca Mountains - AZT #1 Part 2, AZ 
Huachuca Mountains - AZT #1 Part 2, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 20 2019
Hiking4.37 Miles 536 AEG
Hiking4.37 Miles   1 Hour   45 Mns   2.50 mph
536 ft AEG
1st trip
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AZT Passage 1, Part 2, the northside of trying to make the middle smaller.... at least in miles. We drove back after our lunch on Montezuma Pass to Sunnyside Canyon to start the last part of our day. I thot this was clever thinking on the part of Shawn and Tracy to nip the ends of this passage to make for a shorter couple days of hiking.

We parked at the trail on the north Sunnyside Road: (for the drive) when you come to the fork, go to the left (west) and continue down to the road and at the next fork, go left again and you'll come to a camping area off to the left to park. We mounted up again and headed up the trail into Scotia Canyon. We were delightfully surprised at the lush scenery including large sycamore trees. It was really pleasant and would probably be more so when the leaves were on the trees.

You walk in and out of this little canyon for most of this four mile trek to the northern TH. You do have to pay attention now and again when crossing back and forth through the canyon. We passed two areas with windmills with the first one being inactive and the second active with a screechy windmill. There was plenty of water in the tank and two gallons of water on the fence posts.

There is some road walk on this but since there's no traffic, not a big deal. Once you cross the road you came in on, you head up into some tall grass pasture land dotted with trees here and there with big views to the mountains in the background. Ambika and I encountered a little herd of yearlings that decided we were scary and they took off running so Ambika got to witness a "stupid cow stampede". I so find this amusing. Once that excitement was over you cross down into a wash and back up through and by some corrals before crossing the road to the TH where you have a great view of Parker Canyon Lake to greet you.

We got done a little ahead of schedule but still didn't want to miss the lunar eclipse so we drove back to Patagonia. The drive, though a bit arduous, is always pretty; especially with the sun going down. We had a great dinner at the Stage Stop's restaurant with their modified Sunday menu. The girls had a vegan salad that was apparently to die for as there was not one bit of it left when they were done. My ceviche tostadas were quite tasty as well. But be forewarned, the bar does not know how to make any martinis :o so I settled for a margarita.

After, we set up our cameras for the evening's photoshoot. It was great having Ambika's professional help as I think I nailed a lot of the eclipse. I got some video that is pretty cool as it shows the clouds acting like an ocean at the bottom of the moon. It was a howling good evening.

Drive from the Pass to Sunnyside turnoff: [ youtube video ]
The hike: [ youtube video ]
The lunar eclipse: [ youtube video ]
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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