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mini location map2019-03-08
13 by photographer avatarPeter_Medal
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Mount DavisPrescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 08 2019
Hiking3.60 Miles 1,030 AEG
Hiking3.60 Miles
1,030 ft AEG
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Fitness Friday Union-Davis double-dutch horseshoe "lasso loop".

The morning started with grey black clouds with sleeting rain and fog...was hoping for a fresh snow storm for the hike.

No one had been on 285 for a while, the 3 to 4' snow pack had widdled down to about a foot to 18" with no tracks. 1/2 mile down 285 took my North ridgeline express route, half way up the sun was coming out between the low cloud cover. The Walker valley was engulfed with fog while Davis was in full sun. At times, snow drift, I would drop down above my knees. First mile was over an hour. Perhaps snow shoes would expedite the process.

The freestyle drop down Davis NW ridgeline is always fun and I have never been able to trace back the same route. Bumped into a couple of new previous mine digs. Hardly any snow on West exposure of upper Davis. Once I reconvened to the jeep trail that connects to 285 it was a flowing creek (this would be the 2nd left going south on 285 from the TH). All the drainages were flowing.

Felt great to get out for a hike, will have to hit Tritle next week.

"Before there was a trail..... there was no trail"
90+° 8am - 6pm kills
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