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Big Bug Mesa Camping Trip, AZ
mini location map2019-08-18
5 by photographer avatarkelly14
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Big Bug Mesa Camping Trip, AZ 
Big Bug Mesa Camping Trip, AZ
Hiking0.89 Miles 138 AEG
Hiking0.89 Miles      46 Mns   1.16 mph
138 ft AEG
1st trip
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Wife is 37 weeks pregnant and wanted to get 1 last camping trip in before she gives birth. Really like Big Bug Mesa And isn’t too far from the valley. Remembered we saw a cool campsite last summer and decided to claim it as ours this weekend. We had an early start and good thing because not 1 hour after we got there someone came by asking when we were leaving. Then 45 minutes later another person lol. And over the course of the weekend at least 4-5 more people. Apparently next weekend is opening day of deer and this is the prime spot everyone wants. No one pushed us out but every person made a point to say they come here every year....

Regardless we enjoyed our weekend and managed a nice short hike. Wildlife was out in force. We saw 4 deer, over 10 turkeys, and a coyote this weekend. The cattle were everywhere as well and ya might say too friendly. At 1 point a mama cow walked thru the middle of our site looking for her calf. Kinda makes you anxious when you have a toddler running around.. and they also decided to sleep next to us that night. Noisy neighbors for sure.

Enjoyed our last little adventure before baby #2 makes his/her arrival in these next 3 weeks or so.

For anyone in the future ever considering this site high clearance and 4wd is a necessity....

water 1 out of 5water less than maxwater less than maxwater less than max Davis Spring Number Two Dripping Dripping
More of just a pool in the rocks than a spring. Still had water in it this dry monsoon season. Cattle have fouled it though.

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