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Decalibron, CO
mini location map2019-09-14
14 by photographer avatarLindaAnn
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Decalibron, CO 
Decalibron, CO
Hiking avatar Sep 14 2019
Hiking7.94 Miles 3,545 AEG
Hiking7.94 Miles   6 Hrs   34 Mns   1.42 mph
3,545 ft AEG      58 Mns Break
1st trip
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This is one of the more difficult 8-ish mile hikes that I can recall doing. Got started around 6am. The parking lot was already packed; I had to park a short distance back on the road. The mountains were already covered in headlamps, some hikers got a very early start! I used mine for the first 20 minutes or so. Very windy, and 31 degrees at the start. The steady uphill kept me reasonably warm though. I took my time up to the saddle, where I was greeting by very strong winds and the first direct sunlight of the day. I stopped to put sunblock on the tiny bit of my face that wasn’t covered, then started up to Democrat.

The trail up is quite steep in a few places, but finally levels off a bit at the false summit. From there, it was a fairly easy hike up to the true summit. Lots of people up there today. Quick snack break for me, then I headed back down, slowly through the steep parts.

Once back at the saddle, I continued east and up to Cameron. Not quite as steep as Democrat, but still slow going for me. Very windy atop Cameron, so I took a few pictures and headed down to the saddle between Cameron and Lincoln. This section of the trail between the two is probably my favorite section of the entire loop. It has a moonscape feel to it, with great views.

The hike up to Lincoln is pretty easy, and I took another snack break at the top. Lincoln is my favorite peak on this loop. After that, I headed back down to the saddle, then south to Bross.

Despite the Bross summit being off-limits, I headed up to it along with everyone else. It’s a very broad, flat summit with lots of room. I only took a few pictures, then started the descent. Very, very steep—wow! But I stayed upright and never fell. Poles were essential as far as I was concerned. Partway down, there was a group of people clustered around a Lab that had shredded all of its paw pads. It took a few minutes for me to get around them while they were trying to tape socks to its legs and paws. Must not have worked, because I noticed about seven of them were trading off carrying the dog down the trail. I finished up around 12:30, which was good, because I was hungry.

I had originally thought about doing the loop counter-clockwise to avoid the Bross descent, but knew if I had to hike up Democrat towards the end of the loop, that it wouldn’t happen. Clockwise was fine, but that descent was very tedious. Not the friendliest hikers on this loop, and 90% of the downhill hikers will not yield to uphill. I finally started being a jerk about it on my way up Cameron. The road is fine for sedans most of the way, up until the two hairpin turns. After that, it gets pretty rough. Sedan drivers might want to park at the turns and walk the road the rest of the way.

Great hike, despite the wind and crowds!
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