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Telescope Peak Trail
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mini location map2019-10-18
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Telescope Peak TrailDeath Valley, CA
Death Valley, CA
Hiking avatar Oct 18 2019
Hiking12.53 Miles 3,365 AEG
Hiking12.53 Miles   5 Hrs   57 Mns   2.30 mph
3,365 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
1st trip
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After hiking nearby Wildrose Peak yesterday, I drove up to Mahogony Flats campground where I spent the night. It was cold once the sun went down so I had an early night and 12 hours sleep. :)

It wasn't quite quarter of seven when I started. I noticed three others had started about an hour earlier. It was cold this morning, probably mid 30s but I'm just guessing. I started off wearing my fleece and wind jacket, hoods up, and fleece liner gloves, eating a BoBo's bar. The trail starts off climbing which made it difficult to chew. Eventually I finished eating and stopped to remove the fleece and gloves, though I kept my hands in the wind jacket sleeves. Somewhere, it warmed up enough to take the hood off and free my hands.

After ascending to the saddle between Rogers and Bennett Peaks, the trail levels off for awhile before the steep switch backed ascent to the summit. The switch backs are tough, from 10K to 11K altitude, but graded well enough. Once at the top of the switchbacks, the trail levels off for a bit then makes the short climb to the top.

I caught the three just before the summit. They came from Chicago just to hike Telescope. They asked how long I took, 3 hours to their 4. I smoked them - their words.

The views from Telescope are amazing. Nothing is in the way and you can see the low spot at Badwater Basin and the high spot, Mt. Whitney too. Just beautiful.

It was very cold on the summit. My hands would freeze trying to take pictures and my legs were getting cold too. We all signed the summit register, took some pictures, and I headed down to the top of the switch backs to get out of the wind where I had some drink and some food before heading down to the trailhead.

This is a great trail. The tread is good and it's easy to follow. This made for a really nice day hike.
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Telescope Peak
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