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Road to Howard Copper Mine, AZ
mini location map2020-04-18
5 by photographer avatarrcorfman
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Road to Howard Copper Mine, AZ 
Road to Howard Copper Mine, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 18 2020
Hiking8.35 Miles 1,328 AEG
Hiking8.35 Miles   3 Hrs   7 Mns   2.83 mph
1,328 ft AEG      10 Mns Break
1st trip
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This is really the back road to Cleator, but I only walked it a bit past the Howard Copper Mine to find a geocache. Lots of ATVs out and about, which I figured would be the case. I saw two people with a beagle running (the people were running too though only the beagle was barking), which surprised me. There were lots of people camping just off of Bumble Bee Rd and a few down at Black Canyon Creek. The creek was flowing quite nicely, so when I crossed it, I took my sandals off. Why bother you may ask? I didn't want grit sticking to wet straps and rubbing. Who knows or who cares, it doesn't take but a few seconds to take them on and off.

It was a pretty nice walk except when the ATVs were going by. There are lots of nice views of Black Canyon Creek and the Bradshaws. There are still some flowers blooming so some color.

Even though Howard Copper Mine is in the title, I just looked at the tailings as I walked past the abandoned mine. I didn't even slow down.
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