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Grandview Trail - Cave of the Domes
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Grandview Trail - Cave of the DomesNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking7.84 Miles 2,888 AEG
Hiking7.84 Miles   4 Hrs   42 Mns   2.03 mph
2,888 ft AEG      50 Mns Break
1st trip
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I decided to take advantage of the free park admissions for National Public Lands day. I've been meaning to head down Grandview trail and check out Cave of the Domes for years since a buddy of mine hid Wherigo Geocache, Cave of the Domes. Wherigo is like a location based video game played on a Wherigo enabled GPS device. Basically, I had to go down to the cave, then answer some questions at specific locations to calculate the final coordinates for the geocache, which is located outside the park.

Left my house a bit past 6 this morning, was on trail a bit past 10. The weather was nice with a bit of a breeze. Lots of people at the Grandview Point Lookout/trailhead. Most were wearing pants and sweatshirts, I was in my shorts and sandals. Go figure. The trail is steep, so it was more work going down than anticipated. Passed a group of lady backpackers on the way down and a couple other people coming out after a night below.

Interesting trail work, especially above the Coconino Saddle with the cribs holding the trail off the edge. That and the "cobblestone" tread made for a steep descent and a lung/thigh buster on the egress.

Had a good laugh once I reached the mesa with the signs pointing to Page Springs directing one to the Radioactive area to keep away from.

I spent about a half hour at the cave. I didn't go too far in as I didn't feel like crawling around in all the dust. Especially with drop off between where I got to and where I would have gone. I mucked a shoulder up the other day and really was avoiding having to stress it climbing around. I did enjoy seeing some popcorn and bacon and a whole slew of handprints above. It's always a question of how old they are. Are they from indigenous people, miners, or others?

After the cave, I went back to the camping area near the rock cabin ruin and started answering the Wherigo questions. Got the questions answered and went back out and up to Grandview Point. That was tough, I was soaking wet from sweat at the top.
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