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Haunted Canyon Trail Low, AZ
mini location map2019-12-11
28 by photographer avatarmarkthurman53
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Haunted Canyon Trail Low, AZ 
Haunted Canyon Trail Low, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 11 2019
Hiking12.85 Miles 1,231 AEG
Hiking12.85 Miles   6 Hrs   32 Mns   1.97 mph
1,231 ft AEG15 LBS Pack
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For the third day hike I did the lower Haunted Canyon Trail to the junction with the Bull Basin Trail. I can see this hike would have been much better a couple of weeks earlier when the leaves were changing. Pinto creek was running pretty good and was a bit of challenge to get across. It wasn't that it wasn't easy to cross but there were no rocks to hop across so it meant taking my boots and socks off which I really didn't feel like doing. I'm not good at walking on water but I did figure if I run fast enough I could probably get across without any water getting in my boots. Worked pretty good and only got the bottom of my trousers wet. The first 1.5 miles is along a dirt road and then at an old corral becomes an actual trail. The trail pretty much stays in the creek bed with two exceptions early on where it climbs up out of the creek bed to avoid obstacles or narrowing of the canyon. Really scenic canyon and on this hike quite a bit of water but not enough to make creek crossings an issue, plenty of available hopping rocks. There is an interesting spring (I believe Haunted Canyon Spring) along this hike just before the Tony ranch turn off. The majority of the water flowing in this creek was coming out of three cracks at the base of a rock cliff. I think the amount of water could be measured in barrels per minute.

My GPS for some reason decided to turn off at some point along this hike and was a while before I noticed it. The GPS route for this hike is a cut and paste so a portion of it is just a duplicate of my return route. I was planning to do the Cuff Button trail tomorrow but I was unwilling to do the second crossing of Pinto Creek in my jeep because I couldn't see the bottom. (I didn't want to get it dirty.) I'm not one that believes in the invincibility of Jeeps and didn't feel like spending my day trying to get out of what I got into. Will have to do that hike another time.
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Haunted Canyon Spring

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Probably should be measured in barrels per minute.
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