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Bush Wandering, AZ
mini location map2020-04-26
1 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Bush Wandering, AZ 
Bush Wandering, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 26 2020
Hiking4.00 Miles 730 AEG
Hiking4.00 Miles   2 Hrs   12 Mns   1.82 mph
730 ft AEG15 LBS Pack
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Early start to have a parking spot all to myself along Bush Highway as the mountain bikers were out in force. That being the case, the only time I approached any trails (in this case Scorpion Alley and Stinger), was to cross them when nobody was nearby.

Almost immediately I spotted fresh deer tracks and shortly after I spotted two separate rattlesnake 'tracks' across the wash so I had hopes of spotting a deer and/or a slithery reptile or two. I struck out on both and was just wandering aimlessly back to the car when I heard a muffled woof... definitely Javelina. While pulling out my camera I attempted to determine where the sound came from I hear three more woofs, from three different directions. As I scanned the area I noticed a snout in the midst of a mass of brush and decided to slowly circle around to where I may have a better view.

About halfway around in a split-second there are Javelina scattering every which way.... two this way, one that way, two more over here and best of all, a mother followed by closely by her two little-piggies pumping their little legs as fast as they could, which wasn't that fast as they were so tiny they were smaller than the young bunnies in our backyard. And of course, not one single photo... my new camera refused to focus on any of them and even holding my finger on the button constantly it never did take a photo.

Fully peeved at the camera, just as I was about to explore the menus for a solution, here come two young Javelina along the wash... must not be any of the ones I scared up a few minutes ago. Although facing my direction they did not appear to know I was a mere fifty feet away. When they stopped for a moment I was able to take a photo but not wanting to miss any more opportunities I quickly switched it to video, for once they obliged by moving nonchalantly in opposite directions. Unsure which to follow it took a moment to decide and wouldn't you know it, possibly scared by a biker here come mama and babies chugging through a small gap in the brush... but of course, no time for focus so no photo... AGAIN.

By now I'm in no mood for any more missed opportunities so I scanned through the myriad of menus only to find what must have been a default setting of "Quick Focus: Off". I changed it to "On" then took a couple quick shots of, well, nothing but bushes. It actually took photos but the focus still took twice as long as my other Panasonic Lumix. Unacceptable!

Ok, so I dug slower through all the menus and enabled "4K Burst Mode" whatever that is, I thought. Then I pressed the shutter button. Wow! As long as I have my finger pressed it keeps taking shots at 10/second! Cool! And better yet, while it is enabled, whenever the camera is on it is always in focus. Aha! Only problem is, now I have no wildlife to test it on. Oh well, next hike maybe.

Pair of Javelina (0:22 video)

And again after the hike, it's the new normal of crazy people along/on Bush Highway...
Road bikers riding three abreast around the corner, only one in the bike lane, an SUV parked with the front end a foot into the driving lane, another stopped waiting to turn across my lane, but already sitting in my lane... even the air horn got no response from the driver, who it appeared could not be bothered by putting down her phone and get out of the way, which meant for me to get past I had to drive in the bike lane... after a couple bikes passed by.
No more weekend hikes close to home for me... or i'll wait til the 100-degree afternoons and have it all to myself.
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