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Peak 2303 North Slope, AZ
mini location map2020-05-06
10 by photographer avatarCannondaleKid
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Peak 2303 North Slope, AZ 
Peak 2303 North Slope, AZ
Hiking avatar May 06 2020
Hiking3.10 Miles 920 AEG
Hiking3.10 Miles   2 Hrs   26 Mns   1.69 mph
920 ft AEG      36 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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After my Peak 2303 loop Monday when I decided to skip the summit I realized I had never approached the summit from the north, so for something different I'd give that a shot. I had been on the north slope a number of times following wild horse trails, and thought of continuing on up but I had never done so... mainly due to the need to detour around a couple rock outcroppings.

Perfect conditions for me... 98°, 9% RH, nice breeze and a 1 pm start. All was going according to my plan of taking a route which, as much as possible was covering new ground for me... not an easy task since I've wandered this area dozens of times before.

Shortly after crossing the 'going-back-to-nature' remnants of the illegal trail which was rehabilitated by a Forest Service crew last year I sought out one or another of the wild horse trails I had traversed the northern contour of 2303 in the past... no such luck. In the short time since the wild horses were banned from this area the trails are fast disappearing. Oh well, its time to head for the summit.

Shortly before reaching the last spot suitable for a short break before the summit, my phone was rang... for the third time already. The first two were unknown 602 & 480 area code calls so I had rejected them, and this one from Virginia I rejected that as well... if it's important they'd leave a message.

Thankfully he did... it was a support engineer from Panasonic calling from his personal cell phone to discuss questions I had about my new DC-ZS70 Lumix camera which the online support rep was unable to answer the day before. Suffice to say over the course of the 36-minute call he explained in detail everything I could think of asking, including issues with my DMC-FZ300, which to be fair, are likely the result of the beating it has taken over the last 2-1/2 years.

The biggest takeaway from the call?
4K Burst Mode is an mp4 video ALWAYS filmed at 30 frames/second.
Immediately after, you select which frame/s to save as a jpg.

4K Photo Drive Mode is a series of photos shot at 2, 5 or 10 frames/second, depending on your choice of the Burst Rate, L, M or H.

Note: Although it is referred to as the Burst Rate setting, it has NOTHING to do with the 4K Burst Mode, which was the cause my confusion.
Oh yeah... the 4K Photo Drive mode is not on any on-screen menu, you must press down on the ring around the menu button.

BTW... if anyone wishes to find more detailed information for a Panasonic camera (and don't yet require a email/online chat/call to support), start with the Canadian site: ( The support section of the Canadian site is MUCH easier to navigate.

Enough about that, it's time to complete the hike. However, although I was chillin' in the breeze the whole time I was on the phone, now my challenge would be to retain what I had just taken in... and the effort/concentration to climb the last 250' of elevation wasn't gonna help this old mind which at times can leak more learned information than a sieve. So I headed back down along the easiest routes I knew.

Just as I approached the car I had a quick flash-back memory pop into mind... a dead Black Lab I found back in mid-March which, due to no injury I could see, appeared to have been a pet left within 25' of Bush Highway. (This was on a day where I found another dead pet dog wrapped in a blanket a few hundred feet away.)
Anyway, just as a result of that flash-back I wandered across the road and sure enough, even though I had contacted authorities back in March it was still there. [-(
Beware the gruesome second- and third-to-last photos...

Although the temp reached 104° during the hike was it was all the way down to 103° when I got back to the car. Just right. (As will be proven on tomorrow's hike)
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