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Cardenas Butte
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mini location map2020-09-11
6 by photographer avatarJim_H
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Cardenas ButteNorthwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Sep 11 2020
Hiking6.50 Miles 2,757 AEG
Hiking6.50 Miles   4 Hrs      1.63 mph
2,757 ft AEG10 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Seeking to redeem my Park Pass which expires at the end of the month and I only used here last year, I found this an acceptable short hike. The high altitude smoke rolled in for this day, but not the day before or after, and made the views lousy, but I had a taste of a GC summit. This summit is rather popular. It was OK, and it makes for a decent half day hike, but there is little life down here, and I have long since learned I enjoy observing the view from the rim, preferably with a flock of chick-a-dees and titmice nearby.

GCNP may be open, but it is a weird experience with how empty it is, and how few services there are. The park service is taking advantage of this and is doing road maintenance out east, and everything past Moran Point was closed for work, but the main road was open so I could park off of it. After I finished, I had Lipan Point to myself for a while, which was nice, and rare. All alone, for 15 minutes, and no one else ever came.

Orange and Red buses are running, but not blue. Maswick and El Tovar are open, but nothing else. El Tovar has full menu, I believe, but there was a 100 minute wait Friday night at 6:30. Maswik had Pizza, Burgers, and Mexican, but no real food; no pot roast type of stuff. The visitor center is closed, and most outdoor water taps I saw are closed. The campground is open, but the showers are closed for the season, if they ever really opened as the website was saying they were pre-labor day. Still, the canyon was fine and the views enjoyable as always.
I await my deprogramming, my master.
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