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Black Butte Lookout Rd, CA
mini location map2021-01-18
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Black Butte Lookout Rd, CA 
Black Butte Lookout Rd, CA
Hiking avatar Jan 18 2021
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A short exploratory walk with my wife. I had come across this area a few days ago while exploring the dead end of Truck Village Drive, which at one time had been the 1915 route of the Pacific Highway, then concrete paved in 1923 and then designated US Route 99 shortly thereafter. This segment was bypassed by a straighter piece of highway around 1949-1950. Near the dead end is an old dirt road, Black Butte Lookout Road, which served as the primary access to the trailhead to the now gone lookout atop Black Butte. As with many roads traveling through private forest lands, it is now gated off to the general public. It travels somewhat east to meet an old forest service road, former 41N18, which apparently was ceded to the Michigan Pacific Lumber Company, between the Union Pacific railroad line and the present Black Butte Trailhead to the east.

At the beginning of 2019, it was announced that the Pacific Forest Trust had reached an agreement with the Michigan Pacific Lumber Company to establish a conservation easement that preserves 5,006 acres of productive timberland on the north and east sides of Black Butte. Long eyed as an area for possible residential and resort development, this agreement now protects the area from that type of development. From what little info is available about the agreement, the public is allowed walk-in access to the area (and I'm assuming bike access as well).

On this uncharacteristically warm and dry January day, my wife and I walked in a quarter mile of the road in the late afternoon. From what I saw, this road and its connection to the former FS 41N18 shows a lot of promise as part of possible loop around Black Butte. I look forward to hiking and biking this route this coming spring and summer.
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