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Western Chiricahuas, AZ
mini location map2021-05-19
11 by photographer avatarcactuscat
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Western Chiricahuas, AZ 
Western Chiricahuas, AZ
Car Camping avatar May 19 2021
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24 Hours In The Western Chiricahuas


11am - arrived at Chiricahua National Monument - stopped at Visitor’s Center to browse and chat with Ranger Theresa about a planned adventure.

11:30am - set up camp at Bonita Canyon Campground … it was a last minute reservation, and I was lucky to snag a site - never stayed in #24 before, and it was ok … had a little more privacy than the worst sites, plus good shade and a perfect tree to lock my bike to and hang a hummingbird feeder from.

12:15pm- set off on a three hour hike/bird walk - wasn’t expecting much, given that it was mid-day, but managed about 35 bird species as well as many close encounters with white-tailed deer … I love it when I don’t even startle them, and they just browse and go about their business while I pass - didn’t see a single human on my walk.

3:25pm - break and late lunch at camp.

3:45pm - fired up the Lectric bike and rode halfway up the Monument road … started up the gated dirt road towards the King of Lead Mine to see if it was bikeable - it soon became too steep and rocky, and I turned back. Enjoyed the exhilarating 25mph coast back down the paved road, stopping in a few places to check out views and birds.

5:00pm - relaxed around camp, ate, took a final short walk, then began getting ready for the night and the following day.

8:30pm - just about ready for bed when I heard a strange owl and bolted out of my tent - just about ran right into my camp neighbors, who were also looking for the owl … we thought it was an Elf Owl - which was later confirmed through my recordings … the four of us then took an impromptu stroll around the campground loops, enjoying the owls and good conversation - they were all former Forest Service Rangers in Superior National Forest, MN.


3:15am - awakened by Elf Owl.

4:30am - awakened by my alarm, as planned … on the road to West Turkey Creek well before 5am.

6:00am - arrived at the end of Turkey Creek Road, Morse Canyon TH … it was chilly and shaded, and not much bird activity yet - so I made some Jetboil coffee and ate the Egg McMuffin that I had wisely purchased the day before.

6:30am - back downhill a bit to Sycamore Campground, where the sun was hitting the trees and there was a bit of water in the creek … hit the jackpot with Hepatic Tanager, Buff-breasted Flycatchers (SEAZ specialty) and lifer Red Crossbills! They were so freaking cute - trip made, right there!

7:15am - drove back out, stopping to check out some nice primitive campsites and bird a bit along the way … stopped at Johnny Ringo grave - very cool.

9:00am - leisurely time breaking camp, second breakfast and one last short bike ride … stopped by Faraway Ranch for a quick bird walk on the way out.

11:30am - departed CHIR for now.
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