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Sante Fe Trail #709
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mini location map2021-05-29
4 by photographer avatarWhiffer
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Sante Fe Trail #709Prescott, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Hiking avatar May 29 2021
Hiking4.44 Miles 170 AEG
Hiking4.44 Miles   1 Hour   44 Mns   2.66 mph
170 ft AEG      4 Mns Break
1st trip
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South end at Skyline Trail #712 in Spence Springs Basin, 1/4 mile from #712's north end at Westside Story Trail #725 and 1.4 miles from Iron Springs Trailhead. See #725 and Noodle Loop Trail #760 for more about the Spence Springs Basin. First mile from #712 junction climbs and winds through ponderosa pine and oaks to Skyline Drive. After 0.7 mile heading north, there are good views of Spence Springs Basin, Thumb Butte and the San Francisco Peaks in distance. The 3.4 miles north of Skyline Drive is a railroad right-of-way through mostly chaparral with the north end of the Sante Fe Trail where Box Culvert Trail #620 continues on the railroad right-of-way.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
On May 29, 2021, a few penstemon and a couple New Mexico thistles in bloom. Several Arizona thistles almost ready to bloom. A single southwestern pricklypoppy and a single primrose (possibly a tufted evening primrose) in bloom.
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