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Twisted Sister - Hawes
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mini location map2021-12-10
8 by photographer avatarYoder
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Twisted Sister - HawesPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking7.20 Miles 1,100 AEG
Hiking7.20 Miles   2 Hrs   38 Mns   2.94 mph
1,100 ft AEG      11 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
We thought we would check out this area. It is certainly used heavily by mountain bikers. Got there a little early, and one car was there. Another couple of vehicles with bikes pulled in while we were waiting for dawn to break. Friday morning? Usually we will have the trail to ourselves this early on a weekday.

Our plan was to go down the Wild Horse trail, but as we were started we had three different bikers pass us. We thought the Twisted sister trail looked less used, so we backtracked a little to the intersection and went on that. Now we were winging it. Lucky enough we ran across a sign/map at the end of the Twisted Sister leg, and mapped out a balloon hike. The map did have a barcode you can scan for the latest mountain bike trails. I don't have a smart phone, but I took a photo, and when I got home it leads to this website: ... -111.66429

All the latest updates are here, and It looks like we could have made this an actual loop if we were to hit the Mine trail followed by the Riverview trail. Riverview trail wasn't on the map on the trail, so we ended up retracing the Twisted Sister trail.

The trails here are extensively used by mountain bikers, ran into probably a dozen of bikers over the course of the hike. As stated in the Coon Bluff hike, this area looks to be a good night hike area; trails are easy to follow, so I think I'll wait until spring/summer to explore more in this area at night; not one I would recommend during the day, to many bikers.
J. Yoder

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