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Willow Springs Basin Loop, AZ
mini location map2021-11-28
15 by photographer avatarYoder
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Willow Springs Basin Loop, AZ 
Willow Springs Basin Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 28 2021
Hiking5.70 Miles 1,000 AEG
Hiking5.70 Miles   2 Hrs   14 Mns   2.71 mph
1,000 ft AEG      8 Mns Break10 LBS Pack
1st trip
Thought we would make another quick trip to the Goldfields. Decided we would try the Willow Springs Basin Loop (At least that is what it's called on the topo map in our GPS program. I'll upload the GPS track.

We got a little bit of a later star than normal (7:15am). Parking lot already had a number of cars. A bit worried about running into others on the hike, but turns out that we only saw two other people on the whole hike, pretty much at the end.

The first half of the hike is following a dirt road, then when it's time to start working your way back it is on a well defined horse trials.

A good ways down the dirt road we ran into a a pack of Javelina. Got a decent picture of a mom & baby.

All-In-All a nice hike, super easy to follow the road - then track.
J. Yoder

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