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Yew - Lonesome - Henderson Loop, AZ
mini location map2022-02-09
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Yew - Lonesome - Henderson Loop, AZ 
Yew - Lonesome - Henderson Loop, AZ
Hiking29.06 Miles 4,530 AEG
Hiking29.06 Miles   10 Hrs   27 Mns   3.08 mph
4,530 ft AEG   1 Hour    Break
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1st trip
Got this idea from a post by @toddak in 2015. Probably better done from Henderson Flat, but that drive is long, so out and back Packard it was. Included the Packard Mesa Ruins. Went there first then counterclockwise around the loop. First trip back to Sycamore Canyon since the Rafael Fire, and I guess I was a year late doing this one.

Parsons TH at sunrise and hustled up to the ruins. Not a single etching to be found. The roof of the smaller dwelling has been stabilized with a modern support from inside. Haven't been to ruins on a hike that felt like anything more than a novelty, hard to oversell how nice the Packard Ruins are. Plus the views.

Took Sycamore Basin to the Yew Thicket turn off, which is obvious and signed. At first with the grass it looks like a cairn hunt, but it was in near-perfect shape. The grade is clear and there are frequent cairns as it climbs through a rainbow forest. It then enters the Rafael Fire perimeter near the top of the trail. The end of the climb has some deadfall that is tough to maneuver around, and the trail is eroded in a couple places, but it is still easy to follow. Once on top of the mesa it disappears in the ash. On top of the mesa, pretty much the entire way to Lonesome Pocket, the damage is extreme. In the very few patches of unburned forest the trail is cairned and the grade is clear. It is easy to navigate and hike cross country up on top because there is no brush and the ash is soft. The views are huge, but looking down Sycamore Canyon, in many places it is blackened and bare.

Went down Lonesome Pocket, which is also in the fire perimeter. It's rocky, loose, steep, but easy to follow. The junction with Sand Flat #60 is confusing and I ended up on that trail for a minute or two. Once to Henderson Flat I took a break and then tried to find the Henderson Trail. It was lost to the grass despite the new sign, so I went down the road and made a feeble attempt at finding it later on. Henderson Flat was burned except for the immediate area around the cabin and water catchment/tank. The Henderson Trail is in the burn area for a mile or two, so I had no luck and decided the shorten the trip with the road and cutting corners back to Packard Trail.
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