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Woods Loop, AZ
mini location map2021-08-06
3 by photographer avatarLJW
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Woods Loop, AZ 
Woods Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 06 2021
Hiking20.53 Miles 2,297 AEG
Hiking20.53 Miles   6 Hrs   48 Mns   3.26 mph
2,297 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
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Originally planned on looping Woods Lake and Willow Springs Lake through the canyons. Started at Two Sixty TH, and because of the water and mosquitoes contented myself with just most of Woods Canyon. Went clockwise around 5:30am.

Highline's best portion passed by a half dozen or more mountain bikers. Nice warm up to get going. Saw them again at their break spot, the Drew junction. Headed up somehow first time, easy climb that sorts out the rim elevation quickly without ever feeling steep.

First stop Hole-In-Ground. Had a break and ate breakfast at the bottom of the southern meadow. Up Gen Crook to Woods Canyon and down to the lake. More overgrown than in April but far from a bushwhack. Around the lake to the north with a mouthy osprey for company. Passed a family on the lake trail as I descended below the dam.

Woods Canyon east of the lake was a little more difficult but never too choked up. Moderate trickle in the spillway, good water all the way down. Some boulders to climb over to stay dry and avoid the corn lilly and brush. Overall not too bad. Turned a corner checking the GPS, and my hands were covered in mosquitoes. Between that and the views up canyon where it slims, decided to climb the ridge up the rim toward road/trail 235. It's a nice walk through the open pine from where I joined it albeit swarming with mosquitoes.

Rim Vista lots of folks. Many cars parked at that first th off the 260. A crew was working the trail on the east side before it turns to cement. Felt busy until Sinkhole and from then on just me and the woods. Ever easy descent back to the trailhead.
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