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Isar River Bike Ride, WW
mini location map2022-08-16
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Isar River Bike Ride, WW 
Isar River Bike Ride, WW
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Mtn Biking80.00 Miles1 Day   6 Hrs   2 Mns   
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Took a couple of days off from hiking and mountain biked around Munich. Very bike friendly city and surrounding countryside. There are a ton of bike routes from trails, dirt roads and paved paths. Even within the city the bike paths are fantastic and the motorists actually pay attention to bike traffic.

The first bike ride was about 28 miles and went by the Feringasee Lake on the north side of Munich. Took a break there at the lake they have a nice beer garden and beach area to enjoy the lake. From there I continued over to the Isar River and biked south along the west bank. Goal was to go through the main park in central Munich and the English Garden. It’s a huge park and has a ton of bike routes for every taste.

Took another break in the English Garden at one of the many beer gardens. Continuing on the paths through the park the route eventually followed the Isar River west bank. I took the river south until I found a good place to cross over. It was getting late afternoon, so I just took the fast route back into Munich on the east bank of Isar. Took that route all the way back into Munich city central and then to the apartment start point. Total ride time 4 hours 30 minutes.

Next day after a good rest decided to do a longer and more adventuresome ride. The ride was about 52 miles and my goal was to ride the Isar River on the west bank all the way to the town of Wolfratshausen about 40 kms south of Munich. Of course, the bike routes along the river are great even within the city. There are also many places to access the river for a quick soak or a swim.

About 7 miles into the ride, I stopped at the Zum Flaucher beer garden. Nice spot in the trees for a break and a beverage. Continuing south along the Isar started to get into the outskirts or Munich and some nice dirt bike paths. Went through the small towns of Baierbrunn, Schaftlarn, and Icking along with the countryside on the way to Wolfratshausen. Couple of times made a mistake and missed the bike turn off and ended up on the road. Checked the map and found my way back to path.

At about 27 miles into the ride finally made it to Wolfratshausen and found a nice spot right on the bike path to break for lunch. Took a long break but also was thinking about the long ride back to Munich. After lunch it was back on the bike and cross the river to the east bank. Fortunately, the network of bike paths on the east bank was better than the west side so I was able to follow some fast routes.

I followed the Isar River east bank all the way back into city center retracing a small portion of the previous days route. Total ride time just over 7 hours getting back to the apartment about 630. Great riding over two days and just got a small taste of the riding network!
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