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Death Valley - Day 5, CA
mini location map2023-02-22
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Death Valley - Day 5, CA 
Death Valley - Day 5, CA
Hiking13.30 Miles 2,150 AEG
Hiking13.30 Miles
2,150 ft AEG
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1st trip
Day five of our Death Valley tour. We had seven days planned but more wind then rain were in the forecast so we cut the trip short. We got plenty of hiking and sightseeing in regardless.
First hike of the day was to Salt Creek. The area is closed due to a flash flood. We walked the road from the closed gate to the creek. Interesting place. After searching we finally found a pupfish. Hard to believe they can survive a summer there.
Following tourist stops at the Borax Works and Mustard Canyon it was on to Zabriski Point, Golden Canyon, Gowers Gulch and Badlands Loop. Easy to see why this hike is so popular. Not super crowded mid-week after the storm the night before. Very scenic hike.
Final stop was Dante's View. Quite a drive to get there, but the views are worth it. Massive.
Excellent trip with the Eagle and gecko. Thanks for joining me. :)
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