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Peralta/Dutchman/Whiskey loop, AZ
mini location map2023-02-24
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Peralta/Dutchman/Whiskey loop, AZ 
Peralta/Dutchman/Whiskey loop, AZ
Backpack25.00 Miles
Backpack25.00 Miles
20 LBS Pack
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I went out for a casual 3 night backpack out in the Supes this past weekend hoping to see some snow, and boy did I. Started at Peralta late on Friday and headed to Whiskey Spring for the night. As expected, there was water flowing absolutely everywhere. What surprised me, though, is how much water was draining from up on Miner's needle. That's such a high point, without a recent rain I didn't expect it but I guess that's just how saturated everything is right now.
The next day, I headed north on Whiskey and over on Red Tank. I had read that there had been recent maintenance on these and I was hoping that wasn't a lie. Sure enough, I don't think I got a single scratch; both are in solid condition right now. There are a couple spots on Red Tank when you cross the drainage/creek (running the whole way and quite wide in some spots) where it can be tricky to find the other side, but nothing crazy. Very happy to see the trail in this condition, though, after the last couple years! I took a short jaunt up Trap canyon as I haven't been there before, before continuing on to my final destination on Cavalry. The weather there was bright and sunny at 72 degrees and I had a nice sandy beach to soak my feet in and enjoy the wide views.
The next morning around 4 or so, the rain started and the temperature had dropped down to 34 according to my thermodrop. As the sun came out, I could see ice forming on my tent walls and below the vestibules, some slight snow. Opening the tent door and I was greeted by snow on Malapais and and Black Mountains, along with Weavers. What a site! The rain mostly stopped around 10 or so but I goofed off in my tent a bit longer. I was going to meet up with a buddy doing a quick overnight at Pinon camp on Peralta which was only 6.5 miles or so away, so there was no rush. Once I left, I went back up to Dutchman to head over to Peralta. I've normally just thought this stretch was "okay" but man oh man, with all this water and snow run off (it melted pretty quick), it was amazing with waterfalls and, in one section, a bit of a water fountain almost where the water is forced through a small opening. Very nice. The climb up Peralta in the back side is nice and gentle and, again, streams every 10 feet. Often right on the trail but easy enough to keep your feet dry.
Buddy had brought out a couple adult beverages and brats, so that was quite the nice treat for the night by the campfire, which also helped with the cold as it was just above freezing when I called it a night (overnight got to 26 apparently). We packed up early the next morning for a quick exit. It was a little slower going as there was still Ice in some places, particularly on the backend where we were, but also on the South side in some areas as well, but was a pleasant descent nonetheless.

Great to get out to the Supes with this much water and camping in a couple of new places for me. The snow was just the icing on the cake.
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