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Arizona Trail
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mini location map2009-02-21
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Arizona TrailTucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 21 2009
Hiking50.00 Miles
Hiking50.00 Miles   3 Hrs      16.67 mph
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Took a 3 day out and back hike on the AZ trail starting on
'section 8' near the intersection of the trail with the colossal cave
park area at pistol hill road. Headed south about 25 miles through section 8
then through most of section 7. The hike leaves the base of the rincons near colossal cave then
goes south on the boundary of the colossal park. After about two miles
south the trail winds through the beautiful 'posta Quemada canyon' at the end of which is
a ranch and some houses. The trail then turns slightly east and heads toward
highway 10 through rolling hills filled with creosote. I met an AZ trail
through hiker there, wow his skin was roasted ! Wish I had time to do that.
Before getting to hwy 10 the trail crosses the 'three bridges area',
under one bridge there is a stream with water running then. I camped about
2 mi south of hwy 10. The next day went south over hwy 83 to pick up
my water cache and followed more rolling hills until
'twin tanks' which have cattle water. At that point Mt. Wrightston comes into view
and that made me wish to continue south for the next time. Returned the way I came
camping near hwy 83 the second night then back near the rincons on the final night.
Its a relatively easy hike and not the most secluded but still pases through
alot of nice sonoran desert with good views. The second night a coyote passed me as I
set up camp and I happened to snap the camera just as it saw me and lept away !!
See below for next weekend trip further south.

(pics following the sunset correspond to the next weekend hike posted in the
hike description 2-28-09 but the system wouldnt let me seperate them). Repeat of that
triplog follows below so that it can be seen with the pics


Continued my previous weekend hike southward on the AZ trail sections 6 and 5.
Started at the closest approach to hwy 83 mile marker 46.5 turnoff with alot of
parking. Head down that dirt road turnoff about one mile west to get to the
trail. Headed south from there , Mt. Wrightson comes into view soon and the
trail goes through rolling grassland towards Wrightson. About 8 miles in the
trail enters the mt. wrightston wilderness area. I didnt like that area too much
as its full of miners digging up the ground in an old mining claim. THe trail
winds east back near hyw 83 passing 'kentucky camp'. I stopped about 1/2 mile
from kentucky camp for the night, nice views of all the surrounding peaks but the
darn miners blasted music too close by all night ! In any event the rolling grassland
section is very nice indeed.
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