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mini location map2009-05-08
25 by photographer avatarChriskup
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Mist Trail - Yosemite NPSierra Nevada, CA
Sierra Nevada, CA
Hiking avatar May 08 2009
Hiking7.00 Miles 2,800 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles
2,800 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Working in Fresno for the last five weeks, I knew I had to get over to Yosemite and see it for the first time. Left early on a Friday and got to the South gate in about an hour. Bit surprised to find that I still had another hour to go inside the park before I got to the trailhead! The hour went by quickly for the scenery was just beautiful. I stopped at least five times at different points taking pictures of all the waterfalls (which seemed to be everywhere). I have never seen waterfalls like this in my life, so I was a bit taken back by the beauty. I did finally get to the Curry Village parking lot, and after asking a few fellow hikers, discovered I needed to take a shuttle bus to the trailhead. Two stops later and a short walk over a stone bridge, and I was at the trailhead. It starts with a fairly steep paved path alongside the raging stream. You get your first glimpse of the Vernal Falls from a wooden bridge where you cross the stream. This is where it gets fun. Now after a short distance you are climbing a rock staircase carved into the right side of the falls, and you discover why it is called the Mist trail - for you get soaked! I was still taking pictures, which turned out to be a mistake, for I got water within the lens of my Koday point and shoot, and thought I was done for the day! Luckily once I topped out on the first falls, I opened the camera in the sun and it dried out in fifteen minutes and worked like a charm. Large fenced area at the top of Vernal falls for all the hikers (and cameras) to relax and dry off. You are right at the edge of the falls and the views are great, but the best is yet to come. Next up is Nevada falls, which is much taller and more powerful than its brother down stream. Just the sound of the thing was awesome, and the views were even better. Here you climbed on the left side to the top (crossing another wood bridge just after Vernal). No stone stairs here, more traditional trail and you do not get wet this time. At the top, another large flat and fenced area to take in the view and take pictures. Here I had my lunch and spent at least 45 minutes taking pictures and videos. Can't really explain how wonderful this area was, you really just need to try it yourself - which I would recommend all AZ hikers to do. Try to come in May for the falls are all at full strength. After another bridge crossing, you head down the John Muir trail to complete the loop. The views here are the best of the hike, for you are looking across at the falls and signature granite mountains of the park (Liberty Cap and Half Dome). I was very tired at the end of the hike, but so happy I had a chance to experience this. There are many other falls in the park to explore, but for me - I was done for the day - but I will soon be back to experience this natural wonder.
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