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San Jacinto Peak, CA
mini location map2009-05-16
21 by photographer avatarIRIE_LION
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San Jacinto Peak, CA 
San Jacinto Peak, CA
Hiking avatar May 16 2009
Hiking11.60 Miles 2,318 AEG
Hiking11.60 Miles   6 Hrs   30 Mns   1.78 mph
2,318 ft AEG
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1st trip
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What a beautiful hike this was! Beautiful weather, was around 70 most of the way until reaching close to the summit, there it felt more like in the 40's :o Since I took the aerial sky tram from palm springs up to San Jacinto state park mountain station that added a very welcome addition to the experience of the hike. It was like flying up the mountain in a heli ride! Very fun, and unique. The sky tram also rotates around 360 degrees so you dont miss any views going up. You go up quickly gaining about 7000 feet in elevation in what felt like around a 7 minute ride it was you quickly feel the change in temperature started from the desert floor in the 100's to alpine forest in the 70's. I will have to post this hike up. I am very comfortable in saying that this is thee best hike in Ca thats closest to Phoenix. Its only a 4 hour drive over there (going the speed limits). This hike reminded me of Humphreys at times, but slightly less crowded than the time I went, also the grade of the climb isnt as steep and gradually gains elevation. But beautiful views all around, and never had a dull moment there. Fresh sping water flows abundant, and even have one tapped with a pipe for convienance. Awesome!
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