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mini location map2008-08-09
9 by photographer avatarIRIE_LION
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Table Top TrailSouthwest, AZ
Southwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 09 2008
Hiking7.00 Miles 2,057 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles   5 Hrs      1.40 mph
2,057 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Having not been able to get out on hikes lately for various reasons, this hike was quite strenuous. The heat, and more than that the humidity that day was making me sweat like never before. Other than that though was a beautiful hike. Lots of plant life out there, lack of wildlife however in this middle of nowhere. Only ran into a couple other visitors early on so I had it to myself. It was nice getting out of the concrete into a natural setting I had been longing for. Steep steady climb on what seemed like an ancient big horn trail, Actually on the way down in areas I could see the wear down on the bedrock of thousands of years of hooves climbing up and down this. Summit offered an ok view, not quite a 360 view like Humphrey, but still a great point to be at. Overall it was great to get back out on a trail!
90+° 8am - 6pm kills
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